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  • Shipping costs: subject to carrier fees. 

  In case there is no stock of a certain garment, the order will be sent when replenish stock. In this case, the client will be notified by mail, phone call or WhatsApp.


· In the event that once the order has been received by mail, observes that there is no stock of any of the requested products, the customer can request payment of the garment or exchange it for another garment in the collection with the same amount.


· reserves the right to cancel any order that we cannot complete due to lack of stock.


· Once the package has been sent, the change of delivery address or recanalization of the same by customer error when entering the postal code, costs € 5. In case the client is not going to be at the initial address and does not want to pay the transport agency the change of address cost, her package will be left at the destination agency closest to her home so she can pass to pick it up.

Returns & Exchanges:


If once the purchase is received you are not satisfied with the garments, Mysis allows you to change the purchased item or return it, within fourteen days, from the date of receipt, as long as the garment has not been used or damaged


Mysis does not accept changes or returns of used or damaged garments (except in the case of a tare).


Any return of purchased items must be carefully packaged and include the attached delivery note.


If you do not have this delivery note, you can download it by accessing your private area in the "My purchases" section available on


· Changes may be made per tare as long as we have stocks or a voucher with the amount of the garment may be chosen, within a maximum period of 14 days from the day of receipt of the order.


· For hygiene, changes or returns of any item of intimate clothing will never be accepted.


· The exchange and return shipping costs are borne by the customer, and the customer can carry out the management comfortably from the "contact" section of our website or by sending the article by the agency that always considers paid shipping.

In the event that the customer does not make the return through our “Contact” section, but instead sends the package through the agency that best suits him, if the merchandise is lost in this process, it is the client's responsibility and it cannot be Make the change if the garment does not reach its destination.


The destination address for exchanges and returns is:


· Grupo Royal. Calle La Bañeza, 3 local 2 Polígono Cobo Calleja. Fuenlabrada 28947 Madrid.Spain


· reserves the right not to accept the change, if once the garment was received, it was in poor condition, used, stained, broken, washed or in inadequate conditions.


· The changes are subject to the availability of the product, if there is no stock of that same item, it will be exchanged for another garment or for a voucher with that amount.


· Exchange and return vouchers have no expiration date. reserves the right to cancel the same


· Jewelry accessories: Changes and returns are not accepted on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches or rings. In the event that the client sends us one of these accessories for exchange, he will be informed to order the collection of the same, paying the client the cost of shipping.


· In the case of payment, the amount will be paid by the same means with which the purchase was made. The payment cannot be made after 14 days from the date the order was placed.


· Incident vouchers: Once the item is out of season, the voucher will be made for the current amount of the garment due to its devaluation.

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